The chain wheel and chain are used together to form a chain transmission system.In various applications, the chain wheel drives the chain to realize power transmission and material transportation.

Traction chains is widely used in forklift, port stacker, textile machinery, parking garage, drilling rig, climbing platform, bending machine and other occasions.

Escalator chain is used in escalator and moving sidewalk system to transfer power and transport passengers.Escalator chain, together with escalator and other facilities, is widely used in subway, high-speed railway, airport, high-end shopping malls, super

Automobile chain is mainly used in engine timing system, oil pump system, balance shaft system and automobile transfer / transmission chain.

Engineering chain is widely used in automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, palm oil, sugar, environmental protection equipment, engineering machinery, bulk material transportation and other industries.

Stainless steel chain is widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical production, rubber processing, non-ferrous metal smelting, electronic equipment, environmental protection equipment and heat treatment equipment.

Agricultural machinery chain is mainly used in rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other agricultural machinery to provide driving and conveying functions, and realize mechanized operation in the whole process of agricultural production from farmland, sowing to